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The London Cabbie
"The London Cabbie" is a paperback re-print of the hardback "Cabbie". We re-designed the front cover with my 70's 'Del-Boy' look, just look at the long sideburns, the black shirt and the gold chain. As Del-Boy would say "Lovely Jubbly"!!
The book begins with an autobiographical remembrance of my trials and tribulations of doing the dreaded Knowledge of London in the early sixties at the old Public Carriage Office in Lambeth Road. This dingy Edwardian edifice was really scary for us young boys, while the attitude of the merciless examiners was even more scary. They certainly didn't take any prisoners and if they discovered you were just sitting at home map reading instead of braving the freezing cold winter on your moped, then you were out! I recall one bright spark who was calling a 'run' and turned right off of Holborn Viaduct into Farringdon Road, a drop of some fifty feet. We never saw him again.
The book then takes the reader on a 40-year journey in the company of an experienced London cabbie - that's me! There are many weird and wonderful stories about some of the strange characters that used to ride in cabs during the sixties and seventies, not forgetting some of the funny - and sometimes naughty tales about celebs.
I've found that this book is particularly popular among American visitors, they just love 'little ol' stories of London Town' and it's presently on its third re-print!
ISBN: 9780750944960
Published: 15/04/2007

Price: £7.19
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