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The Black Cab Story
Book number four is completely different from the other three, in publisher's jargon it's known as 'a pocket-sized hardback' and tells the story of the famous London taxi-trade way back to Oliver Cromwell in 1654.
This really is a history-lesson for the readers, with just 10,000 words and 90 super pictures of all the many makes of cabs through the ages, the reader can get to understand the longevity of the London taxi.
It starts with the Watermen who used to ferry the wealthy merchants across the Thames, simply because there were no bridges in the 16th Century. Then came the popular rise of the Hackney coaches nicking all their work and the arrival of new bridges being built that ruined the Watermen's living forever.
We move on to all the wonderful horse-drawn cabs that almost disappeared in the decade leading up to The First World War and the some 38 different types of taxis available, but they all went broke!
The book then takes the reader through the taxis available between the wars and finally our 'world-icon' of to-day. The book really is a very interesting History lesson and a great present at Christmas - or any other time.
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ISBN: 9780750948531
Published: 31/10/2009

Price: £8.09