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Blitz Boy

Book number three is the harrowing tale of my growing up in London during the terrible Blitz in WW2 and having to endure the hardships of being separated from my parents and my siblings, then being dumped in some God-forsaken place in the middle of the Cornish countryside. In the early days of evacuation it really was a lottery, heads you won and tales you lost. Unfortunately my coin came down tails and while my two elder sisters were billeted with a friendly farming family. This six-year-old, absolutely terrified urchin was lumbered with an awful woman who wanted the evacuee money, but didn't want to feed the evacuee!
The book takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of spending a whole winter in the company of this awful woman, suffering horrendous nightmares and constant bed-wedding. Then one fine spring day my dear old Mum appeared at the front door with my two sisters and I was free at last!
We spent the next four years or so staying at various hostels all over Cornwall, before settling down in Newquay until the end of the war. But we were a family again and the lack of decent food didn't seem important. I describe the arrival of all the American troops camped nearby ready for 'D' Day and write about their generosity and great humour. I've been an American fan ever since.
The book is both funny, poignant and in some instances, very hard to believe. Where have all those years gone since my wartime experiences, it seems like only yesterday? But people who lived through those terrible days will never forget until their dying day.
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Published: 01/08/2008

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