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In the Pipeline
Book number five is scheduled for publication in April 2010. This is a fascinating mix of both the history of the Heathrow site, coupled with the introduction of London cabbies arriving in the middle-fifties after an Act of Parliament granted them the right to ply for hire at Heathrow Airport.
The actual Heathrow Airport site goes way back to the Ice Age and after the ice melted, the water gradually drained away leaving a perfect gravel site for a future international airport just fifteen miles from London. Henry 2nd used to go hunting in the nearby forests and when the trees were knocked down, it became the main thoroughfare for all the stagecoaches heading too and from the West Country. The site was then used for Army training and later as a place for duellists to settle their differences!
During the First World War the Government were concerned that German Zeppelins might penetrate city's defences, so they built a circle of aerodromes around London and Heathrow became an integral part of the important defences.
We move on to the present day and the many thousands of London cabbies who use Heathrow as their base both day and night. The collection of stories in the book are great, many of them absolutely hilarious, some are tragic. Then we come to some of the cabbie characters who work 'the flyers', many of them long gone to the great cab-rank in the sky.
ISBN: 9780752453873

Price: £8.99

Due April 2010
I am currently ghost-writing a book titled ‘The Queen Mother’s Hairdresser.
No publication date as yet, but the project is being overseen by
Simon Fletcher of Bank House Books