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I soon discovered that I possessed the gift of the gab and wasn't at all fazed with a microphone and talking to an audience - in fact I'm considered quite an entertaining turn with my cockney 'Del-Boy' chat and my ability to imitate accents. At the start I tended to target all the American Women's Clubs in Greater London as my main source of talks about my books and the long history of the London taxi trade. I have spoken at the Liberal Synagogue opposite Lords for The St. Johns Wood ladies, then on to the very swanky Derry and Toms and the wonderful roof gardens for The Chelsea ladies.

My next port of call was way out in Buckinghamshire to talk to The Chiltern ladies, followed by another talk at the marvellous Geographical Society, truly a building of Victorian splendour. The place was marble all over and when the boss-lady asked me to follow her downstairs I got the shock of my life to see a complete theatre with a stage, auditorium and a Royal Circle! This venue was hired by The Kensington and Chelsea ladies.

My latest talk was at the very swish Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge and it was a great turnout - in fact it turned out to be one of my best talks.

I have since been invited back again by many of the clubs and I have decided to make my target wider and try to attract ANY clubs who would like to book me. So if any club organiser is browsing this piece feel free to contact me and have a chat.
My Tenure as an After-Lunch Speaker
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